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cropped shopify seo

What's great about these improvements is that you can do most of them yourself for free. If you are curious about what makes Shopify SEO-friendly, then keep reading.

1. Shopify has it's own CMS System

A CMS System merely stands for a "Content Management System". Whenever starting an online store, I would recommend Shopify. Shopify is the most SEO-Friendly platform. Here is why.

2. Shopify has it's own blogging feature.

A good blog can be one of the very best free SEO options on your store to gain new visitors. This is because the more that you blog and talk about different topics relating to your business, social, events that you have been to, trade shows that you have attended, the better your target audience can find you online. This can be referred to as content or blog marketing.

3. Shopify has a Title area.

The Title area in a Shopify blog post, page, or product is the first most important section as this area will be indexed and visible on the first line of a Google search page. View the notes in red below for proper structuring of both your Title and Meta areas.

meta area

4. Shopify has a Description area.

The description area is the second most important section as this area is also indexed on Google search organically on a search page. This is the detailed area that a customer will read before clicking on your website's link on an organic search result.

seo title

5. Shopify has a Meta Tag area.

The Meta Tag area is a section where you can enter in up to 10 different keyword phrases. This section is great because different people, search in many different ways. Make sure to add in 10 different phrases here that people might "Google" to find your product, page, or blog post.

6. Within Shopify you can amend the URL
area to incorporate your keyword.

Lets just say that your target keyword is "Nike Shoes". One of the most important factors for SEO on a product page is to incorporate your target keyword into the URL like this " . Google looks at web pages and can only read the textual elements behind them. If you do not have these textual elements, then Google won't be able to find your web page. This is because Google has no "exact text" to find regarding that keyword and page on your website.

plug in seo logo7. Shopify has a good offering of free and paid SEO Plugins.

Click on the image to view the reviews on the pluginSEO App for Shopify. It is free, and it has 164 Positive Reviews as of the date of this article.

8. Shopify Offers a Free SEO Grader Tool

If you click on this URL, it will take you to website graderShopify's free SEO grader tool. All that you have to do is enter in your Shopify store URL, then presto! Shopify will analyze your store, give it a grade, and then give you suggestions for improvements.

From Denver SEO Inc. White Paper

Shopify free trial banner 728x90

Don't have a store yet? Click Here for a 14 Day Free Trail to try Shopify out.

What's great about trying out Shopify is that you'll get to see what the backend or Admin section looks like, work with store templates, see how the shopping cart is setup, and more!

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