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An App Just For Video Creators: Facebook Creator Studio

This might be the first time you’ve heard of Facebook Creator Studio, but it’s been in existence for some time now!


Creator Studio is a one-stop social media content management tool within Facebook that helps creators and publishers manage their content, track performance, and connect meaningfully with their audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Think of it as a powerful desktop hub.  It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities when they become available.


A lot of marketers might not even know that Creator Studio is available to them. Many are still using third-party tools to manage, schedule, and track content. But if all you care about is Instagram and Facebook, you don’t really need any other tools. Creator Studio gives you a lot of extra bells and whistles for creating and managing content, as well as deeper video insights.


What all can I do with it?


The social network has been focusing hardcore on video lately, with a big push into live video broadcasts, 360-degree videos, stories, auto-playing clips in the news feed, as well as the launch of a dedicated place to watch videos on Facebook. Now, taking a page from YouTube’s playbook, it wants to cultivate video creators.


Facebook described the Facebook Creator app as “a one-stop shop” for creators who want to take their passions to the next level. They can easily create original video, go live with exclusive features, and connect with their community on Facebook.


Personalize live broadcasts


Facebook Creator has the following features: Live Creative Kit, Community Tab, Camera & Stories, and Insights. The Live Creative Kit has tools that let you easily create and personalize live broadcasts. You can add openers to your live broadcasts, for instance, as well as outros that conclude them. You can then add custom live stickers that viewers can interact with, and graphic frames for your brand.


Communicate and share


The Community Tab lets you connect with followers and collaborators via a unified inbox, which aggregates all your comments from Facebook and Instagram, including messages from Messenger. As for the Camera and Stories section, you’d go here whenever you want to use fun camera effects and frames or easily cross-post content to other platforms. You can also access Facebook Stories from here.


View analytics


Finally, there is Insights, which lets you view metrics that could help inform content creation. It also shows analytics about your Page, videos and fans. So, the key thing to remember here is that the Facebook Creator app has special features for Facebook Live, and it lets you access analytics, communicate with fans, and post content to Facebook Stories and other platforms – all from one app on your phone.


What’s scheduling a post on Instagram Creator Studio like?

Until quite recently, scheduling posts on Instagram was a headache for social media managers. Due to API restrictions posed by Instagram, the available third-party apps designed for this task didn’t provide satisfactory options.

Facebook Creator Studio enables native Instagram scheduling legitimately. All you need is an Instagram account linked to your Creator Studio dashboard.


Using the Create Post button at the top left of the screen, you can choose to post to your Instagram feed or IGTV channel. You can add multiple images, tag people in photo posts, turn off comments, and even tag business partners in branded content. Then, once you’re done adding all of the details, you can either post right away or schedule your post just like you do for Facebook.


You can now schedule your Instagram posts and IGTV videos up to six months in advance — a feature that marketers are going gaga over.

What's New: The Creator Studio App

Facebook has added a mobile companion, Creator Studio App. The insights dashboard for creators and publishers, which debuted globally in August 2018, is now available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Similar to the desktop hub, the Creator Studio app allows users to track how their content is performing across Facebook Pages, as well as publish, schedule and make adjustments to posts, respond to fan messages and more.


Both Creator Studio hub and app are free.

Main draws to the Creator App

There are a few key areas where the app can be of use to creators and publishers, starting with its metrics and insights section. Here, users can analyze both Page and post-level insights, retention and distribution metrics in order to adjust their strategies accordingly. For example, they’ll find content performance metrics like “1-minute views,” “3-second views” and “avg. minutes viewed,” plus engagement metrics like comments and shares, and follower counts, earnings and more.


The app also serves as a mobile companion for viewing both published and scheduled posts, allowing creators to make quick adjustments like editing the video titles or descriptions. And they can use the app for deleting or expiring posts, rescheduling posts or publishing drafts.


From the inbox section, users can respond to incoming messages and comments while on the go.


Creators can toggle between their different accounts during the same session, instead of having to log out and back in as a different user. This could be helpful for those who have a large social media presence, as well as those whose business involves supporting multiple creator pages.


The Creator Studio app will also send out immediate notifications for key milestones and other important events.

Competing with Youtube

According to Facebook’s press release, one of their biggest goals is to help creators earn money from the content they create, including ad revenue, brand collaborations, and support from fans.


“With these options, creators can grow their passion into a business, making money with any combination of monetization products that makes sense for their content and audience,” Facebook wrote in their press release.


In this way, Instagram Creator Studio could be understood as an attempt to compete with other content distribution platforms like YouTube (which already has a number of monetization features).


It’s worth noting that Facebook’s desktop hub and app sport a name similar to YouTube’s service for creators — YouTube Studio, rebranded from YouTube Creator Studio in 2017. By including both “studio” and “creator” in the new app’s name, it will perform better in App Store search results — including those that appear when someone searches for the YouTube Studio app for creators. That reflects the competitive nature between the two companies, both hungry to woo video creator talent.


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