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LinkedIn Lead Generation

We create strategies where our clients are consistently acquiring quality B2B prospects that eventually turn into leads.


Lead Generation

We take care of the monotonous LinkedIn sales outreach on your behalf, reaching out to thousands of prospects -- helping you build new sales relationships at scale with qualified leads.

Not Marketing on LinkedIn?

You’re missing out on many potential customers.

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the best platform for B2B & SaaS companies. No other social media platform enables you to reach a network of decision-makers from over 40 million companies – just tapping a simple “Let’s Talk” button!

Source:  LinkedIn Members in Senior Positions – LinkedIn

Our Process

We take a “white glove” approach to LinkedIn lead generation that delivers value first, before leading prospects down the sales engagement path.  Our approach generates warm targeted leads from LinkedIn with multiple touches, while building your reputation as an authority in your market.


We Makeover Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Let’s make it great.

We will refresh and redo your Profile as needed. No matter what your profile’s current condition is, we will build you an engaging profile that will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do and why they need you.


We Find Your Target Market

Your ideal client is looking for you. Can they find you? We connect you.

Find your Target Market – (customized for each client) – For example: if you sold Dental Equipment to Dentists our natural target would be “Dentists and Dental Offices.”  Once we identify the target for any niche we  nurture and message them daily. 


We Daily Message your Target Market

Your Messaging Matters: Compelling Messaging Engages the Reader to Take Action through our Problem, Solution, Call to Action message flow.

We write professional personalized messages, customized to you and your niche. Again, no two campaigns are the same. Our proven system of sending out messages that engage your target market just works.


We Employ Auto Responder Messages Inside of LinkedIn

100% delivery rate. Better engagement.

We have the ability to drip messages inside of LinkedIn to all your new connections. Messages sent inside of LinkedIn get delivered 100% of the time, no spam filter. 100% delivered means better engagement, period.


We can Create an Email Campaign to all new connections we make for you.

Extend your reach and engagement with a Powerful Email Campaign.

We not only will message your NEW connections inside of LinkedIn but will add them to a email campaign that we build out for you. Three emails will be crafted for you and will drip out over several months along side the LinkedIn messages getting even more traction with your target market. Once someone responds to any email they are immediately removed from further messages – this is a great add on. You want this.

Choosing The Best Choice For Your Marketing Strategy

Choosing the right marketing channels depends on your goals. LinkedIn Lead Generation is the best choice for anyone who is in the B2B & SaaS environment and who wants to impact people in the corporate world efficiently. This is a very strong reason for you to include this marketing in your strategy, so make sure you consider that possibility.

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Still More Questions?

We have answers. Check out our robust FAQ section or give us a call and we’ll see if Page Design is right for you.

Our Done-For-You Services is a monthly service. We do require an initial commitment of 60 days, although you should plan to commit to a minimum of 4 months to maximize your lead count (1 month to ramp & 3 months for client engagements). The first month of service incorporates: Initial Discovery Meeting to discuss ‘ideal client profile’ (ICP) and campaign objectives, specific examples of how your product/service solves your clients pain points, your most common value propositions, tangible case studies, data collection, email verification/validation, writing of both LinkedIn and email sequencing. Once setup is completed, we launch. 

We handle your entire process from setting up a new and separate email address to ensure the integrity of your current email, to obtaining your initial list of targeted leads that you approve, to sending out messaging via LinkedIn and email to both new leads and those that are in the middle of their campaign. Each prospective client will be part of a messaging campaign using both LinkedIn and email.  We manage the entire process.  When they reply, we notify/forward them directly to you where you pick up the conversation from there. You will be kept up to date via a live shared Google Sheet in which you’ll know the status of all your leads at any given time.

Page Design is a  “Contact & Message” LinkedIn Lead Generation service aimed at helping entrepreneurs and business owners build new business relationships that turn into top level revenue. We handle the LinkedIn outreach, you build relationships and close more deals.  We:

(1)  Identify your ideal prospects in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(2)  Write finely tuned sales messages that are designed to get positive responses
(3)  Systematically reaches out to thousands of these targeted prospects each month with tailored outreach and follow-up messages
(4)  Start positive conversations with your ideal prospect
(5)  Capture lead data like emails and phone numbers to set you up for sales success

We’re not a tool or Chrome extension, but a team of sales experts that does the lead generation leg-work for you of thousands of prospects monthly, Monday-Sunday during working hours.

You would benefit from working with us because we’ve spent 1,000’s of hours figuring out this whole process. Since time is money, the whole idea is to collapse time so not to invest all the time we’ve already invested to learn what we already know…how to successfully drive new client engagements. Use our experience and proven results to focus on high pay-off activities like talking with motivated prospective clients who fit your ideal client profile so you can close more sales, increase your ‘who you know’ of business connections, raise capital, or a host of other high pay-off activities you could be doing to help get you to your next level.  

We work best with C-level executives like CEO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, co/founders, partners, consultants, and other key executives like VP’s of Sales & Marketing to effectively drive new business and/or client engagement opportunities.

While we do not limit who we work with based on industry type.  Our client’s average deal size ranges from $25K-$100K on the low side to $250K-$1M+ on the higher side with 15-30 units/year in closings per sales development executive.

You can expect amazing results, especially if you sell B2B.

Every niche is different, but it’s not uncommon to generate upwards of 300-400 new connection leads, and 10-25 qualified sales conversations per thousand prospects engaged month over month. Our proven process, mastery of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and expert copywriting helps you cut through the noise.

Yes. You will need to purchase separately LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is the sales version of LinkedIn before using our service.

Not only does Sales Navigator “uncap” your account, allowing you to reach out to hundreds of people that you don’t currently know, but it also gives access to the advanced filtering needed to properly identify your target market.

You can start with their free trial:  https://business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/sales-navigator

Yes.  During the onboarding process we will provide you a step-by-step guide to optimizing your profile for sales.

Once a prospect responds to the messages we deliver, we stop messaging and leave it up to you to pick up the conversation from there.  We’ve found that best campaign performance happens when we start the conversation, and you close the deal (or get your prospect on the phone to take the conversation out of LinkedIn).

Both plans come with lead reporting. We’ll provide a living Google spreadsheet where we’ll track each lead as they come in, so you can monitor campaign performance and better follow-up with each lead.

Onboarding typically takes around 7 business days or less from the time of our onboarding call.

Yes.  After you purchase your plan, expect onboarding to take  about (or just over) one week. From there we will slowly build up lead volume to protect your account from getting flagged. Eventually,  your prospecting volume will level out at the rate needed to reach your prospecting goals.

No.  We do extremely valuable work before your campaign is even live, including expert sales message crafting, creation of your lead list, and LinkedIn profile optimization in addition to the labor of prospecting. For these reasons Page Design does not provide refunds.

Plans & Pricing

LinkedIn Plans

Month-to-Month — Connection Leads Guaranteed
— No Long-term Contracts — Cancel Anytime

– An initial commitment of 60 days is required
– No Onboarding Fee
– Get A Dedicated Account Manager

Basic Features:

  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover
  • Find Your Target Market
  • Messaging Your Target Market on LinkedIn
  • Auto Responder Messages Inside of LinkedIn
Lead Gen /per mo
Basic Features
No Setup Fee
Lead Gen+ /per mo
Basic Features
No Setup Fee
Email Campaign

You will need to purchase separately LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is the sales version of LinkedIn before using our service. Get a FREE Trial.

* Phone number captured when available. Typically about 80% of leads have phone numbers.

Let's Make Sure We're a Match

We're a little picky about who we partner with. This means, if we agree to work with
your company, it's because we know our process will work for you.

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