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Did you know that the highest number of consumers choose to read information retrieved from the first few pages in a search engine?


Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the most crucial marketing strategies available to businesses, e-commerce websites, and blogs today and for good reasons. After all, without SEO and good content, your webpage may be lost somewhere on page 20 of online search results with a less than satisfactory website visitors. It’s no fun to create content only to have it fail.


As such, you need to integrate essential SEO elements into your writing to help your business stand out from one of hundreds or maybe thousands of other businesses looking to gain a niche audience in the market.


Here are three essential tips for writing more effective SEO content.


1. Use Compelling Headlines and Sub-headlines

Headlines and sub-headlines are the lifelines of your content. They do the heavy lifting because they organize your article, grab attention, build trust in your brand, and help time-pressed readers to focus on the content they care most about. They also help connect readers to your content and help search engine robots to filter through a sea of information present online.


Also, your headlines and sub headlines should be informative and relevant to your content so that the readers can immediately determine if the text is useful to them, and if it is worth sharing.


2. Choose your Keywords Wisely

SEO content writing is all about relevant keywords. This is because internet users use keywords in searching for products or services from the search engines.


When used effectively, they serve as a conduit to connect your target readers to your blog or business website. The best approach is to identify relevant primary and secondary keywords to incorporate in your content either by writing them down or using available keyword planning tools like the one provided by Google.


A good practice would be to include primary keywords in your heading or subheadings and a few times in your content. Target multiple keywords to ensure that your content can continuously drive traffic through organic search. Also, be careful not to overstuff keywords in your content to help improve readability and to avoid violating search engine policies.


3. Include High Quality Links

Strategic link building is an SEO power technique for content marketing. Links establish authority, aid in website navigation, and helps define the hierarchy of your website on search engines.


However, links alone are not enough. You need high-quality content to link to, which help readers to transition to different articles on your SEO blog or website. Remember, high-quality links are one of the most heavily weighted Google ranking factors and contribute heavily on your ability to rank on search engines.


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